Our products

The main business activity of BMG is the processing of used batteries and accumulators, old lead, lead and tin containing industrial waste and lead containing residues. It uses these materials for the production of lead and lead alloys.

The company uses Engitec technology, a modern processing technique  which guarantees a multi-stage, homogenous separation of the different battery parts, such as lead paste, sulphuric acid, plastic residues and grid metal. This technology is cited as best available technology for the recycling of accumulators by the American environmental protection authority, EPA. 

After smelting in short-rotary furnaces the metallic lead parts, de-sulphurised lead paste, scrap lead and the lead containing residues are transformed into lead bullion. 
BMG’s product portfolio ranges from pure, LME registered lead with the trademark „BBU“ to many lead alloys which comply with international standards and customer requirements. 

These lead and lead alloys are used in various markets, including battery manufacturing and the chemical industry. They are also used as intermediates, for cable sheathing, for x-ray protection and in many other application areas.

Additional products of the recycling process also have a market value. BMG delivers sodium sulphate to the glass and detergent industry and the recycled battery cases and other used plastic parts are processed to polypropylene chips, which are a valuable raw material for the plastics industry.